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Whether your organization wants to climb back from adversity or to greater heights of peak performance, Alan Hobson delivers. A two-time cancer survivor, world adventurer and bestselling author, Alan is the best speaker in the world at creating custom-built presentations. First, he exhaustively studies each audience using online research and personal interviews with organizational leaders. Then he accurately and seamlessly weaves this information into gripping true stories from his own life experiences – in perfect context. The powerful result is one-of-a-kind inspirational presentations tailor-made for individual and organizational impact. His Fortune 100 and 500 clients consistently rave about his ability to make the essence of do-or-die high stakes adventure applicable to business and the business of life — your life.


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  • Since I started with Southern Company 15 years ago I have been fortunate to attend numerous motivational speeches. These included presentations by Donald Trump, Mikael Gorbachev and Russell Simmons amongst other notables. Never in all these experiences have I been more engaged, nor left with a more profound and lasting positive effect then I did after seeing and listening to Alan. Because of it, my sales approach, enthusiasm and attitude have never been at a higher or more productive level and this is abundantly apparent in my improved sales results. His preparation, personalization and presentation are outstanding!
    Mark C. Magliaro Senior Business Account Manager, SouthernLINC Wireless, Savannah, GA
  • Over my business career at BP, I have sometimes had to endure 'the motivational speech' to wrap a team meeting or inspire the team to greater heights. Alan Hobson, in contrast, is a truly inspiring speaker with a most amazing story of success and achievement against the odds. He does his research extremely well and cleverly links the aims of the business into his own story - which makes the points on what it takes to succeed a compelling and riveting presentation.
    D.D. Struan Robertson, former Executive Chairman, BP Asia Pacific
  • Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation at our Americas Sales Meeting. In my three years here at Ingersoll Rand, I have never had a better, more integrated presentation to our meeting messages. I could not believe your commitment to ensuring that your message aligned with ours. From the 2.5 hours that we spent on the phone preparing, to your attending four of our 90-minute product sessions, it is clear that you are committed to your customer’s complete satisfaction. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you well. If there is anything that I can do to help further your business either in Ingersoll Rand, or with any other client, please feel free to use me as a reference.
    David Sullivan, Vice President of Sales - Americas, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, IN
  • In my 18 years with Melaleuca we have had the pleasure of hearing from some of the best in the business. The list is a "who's who" that includes Colin Powell, Les Brown, Lou Holtz and Rudy Giulani. Of all those presenters, none have come close to understanding our business model, our products and our culture as you did. As inspiring as your personal story is, and as impressive as your stage presence and delivery was, I was most impressed with your attention to the smallest details about our company. Your research and preparation definitely paid off and it showed - - in spades!
    Phil Crescenzo, Executive Director, Melaleuca, Inc., Buena, NJ

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